Det Norske Brenneri, formerly Puntervold/Agder Brenneri, has its production and cask-ageing premises at Grimstad in Southern Norway. It is here that we have produced various akevitts and apple brandies since Norway’s production monopoly was dissolved in 2005. We were the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years of state monopoly. Grimstad has a history of producing fortified wines, through the Fuhr brand, dating back to the 1880s.


For our akevitts, we use only the best herbs and spices, many of them from the wilds of Norway. Due to our climate, there are few places on Earth where herbs and berries have as good a flavour and aroma as in Norway. Det Norske Brenneri works with the botanist Rolv Hjelmstad of Urtekilden in Oppdal and uses organic botanicals from Røros. We pay great attention to cask ageing and use only the best Oloroso sherry casks from Spain. Many of our akevitts have won Norwegian and international awards for their quality.

Today, Det Norske Brenneri is most famous for its artisanal products, the akevitts Arvesølvet, Arvesølvet Helt Klar, Høvding and Hellstrøm. In 2012, we launched Norway’s first single malt whisky, Audny. The sequel, Eiktyrne, arrived in November 2015. This year, we also launched a new Norwegian gin – based on Norwegian berries and botanicals. Harahorn – Norwegian small batch gin – is a genuine craft gin made with Røros junipers.



Fabian Widmer

Fabian Widmer

Fabian Widmer – General manager of the distillery in Grimstad. Born in 1980 and brought up in Wald-Schönengrund in Switzerland. Trained as a cheesemaker/dairyman in Switzerland. Worked in various Appenzeller cheeseries and dairies in Switzerland, before moving to Norway to head up the Hemsegarden cheesemakers in Hemsedal. A specialist in business administration and in charge of the people and casks at the Grimstad distillery. Undertook further studies at the Research and Training Distillery at Hohenheim University in Germany.

Favourite drink: Clearly, Arvesølvet Helt Klar!

Jon Bertelsen

Jon Bertelsen

Jon Bertelsen – master blender at Grimstad. Jon is the creator of the cognacs that bear his name, and is also responsible for a selection of classic spirits under the name “Jons Utvalgte”. For nearly two decades, he has worked closely with a variety of Scotch whisky producers, the world’s foremost producer of Calvados in Normandy, and a string of elite cognac houses. Jon is renowned for his discerning palate, but also his all-round expertise in what makes a great spirit.

Favourite drink: Small-cask single malt whisky and cognac “de terroir”.

Odd J. Nelvik

Odd J. Nelvik

Odd J. Nelvik – Co-founder of Det Norske Brenneri. Best-known as the former editor-in-chief of popular Norwegian magazine Se og Hør, but for many years a great advocate and connoisseur of Norwegian akevitts. Today, Nelvik is fully occupied in the distillery business.

Favourite drink: Kjernekar XO

Det Norske Brenneri was established in 2011. The two founders Odd J. Nelvik and Stig Bareksten wanted to create a new akevitt, where cask-ageing would have more influence on the end result. And so, Arvesølvet was born. In January 2014, Det Norske Brenneri acquired Puntervold AS and Agder Brenneri from Ole Puntervold. As a result, most new products will be launched by Det Norske Brenneri.

Ole Puntervold
is a pioneer of Norwegian spirits production. He received the very first production licence in Norway following the easing of the distilling regulations. Ole Puntervold is a Master of Science, having graduated in organic chemistry, specialising in biochemistry. It was his father who founded the business in 1952. Ole Puntervold’s watchword for his business was: Nil satis nisi optimum – only the best is good enough!


As an alcohol producer, Det Norske Brenneri AS has a responsibility for complying at all times with the laws and regulations that apply to this industry. This is a crucial part of our commitment to preventing alcohol abuse.


Det Norske Brenneri AS is Norway’s second-largest producer of spirits. The company emphasises the venerable craft traditions of its distilling. Det Norske Brenneri AS creates substantial employment in both rural and metropolitan areas of Norway. Alcoholic beverages can add to the enjoyment of life, but we also recognise the potential negative aspects of alcohol. We are conscious of both sides and bear this in mind when communicating information about our products to our customers. We want alcoholic drinks to be consumed with pleasure and common sense, both in and out of the home. At Det Norske Brenneri AS, we are proud of what we produce and aspire for our products to promote appreciation, knowledge and understanding of this traditional craft.